Whether you want to keep your property, sell it or you’re just unsure, a REBUILD62 Advocacy meeting is an important first step to learning about the program benefits and all of the options available to you. The meeting will provide you with important information specific to your property, your exclusive options, and proven resources so you can make an informed decision and transition with ease.

At the meeting, your Personal Advocate will work with you to customize a potential sale and a comprehensive transition plan that meets your timing, financial and other needs. The transition plan will include an offer to purchase, and an overview of what to expect if you decide to move forward now or in the future. Meetings are conducted face to face with your REBUILD62 Personal Advocate. Meetings can be conducted at our location or in your home and there is no obligation or cost. Although it’s not a requirement, we encourage you to invite a trusted family member (a family advocate) to the meeting

For more information and to speak to a Rebuild62 Program Advocate call (800) 495-4068. There’s no obligation. In fact nothing in the Rebuild62 Program cost homeowner’s money, and that includes questions!

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